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Skip the wait for probate with a cash advance on your inheritance. We are ready to make that happen, fast. 

An advance is not a loan. It’s better. Here’s why:

Unlike a loan, our inheritance advance process is simple, transparent, and immediate. It’s a one-time transaction. We send you funds right away for a fixed fee that we collect from the estate at the end of probate. Our fees are transparent, and we are repaid by the estate, not by you. There is no interest cost that builds up as probate drags on and on. You get your money now and we take all risks of waiting, no matter how long it takes.

Easy to understand fees
InheritNOW Advance
Inheritance Loan
The company is paid by the estate, not by you
InheritNOW Advance
Inheritance Loan
No hidden rules that would cause undue hardship
InheritNOW Advance
Inheritance Loan
The funding company takes the risk, protecting you from personal liability
InheritNOW Advance
Inheritance Loan

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We have served thousands of satisfied customers in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom.


Your privacy is important to us, and we protect it with encrypted, secure technology. You and your information are kept confidential.


Providing inheritance advances is all we do—it is our specialty. This expertise allows us to act efficiently so you get your money fast.

How our inheritance advances made a difference for our clients.