Pandemic + Probate = More Wait

If you’ve ever been involved with an estate after the death of a loved one or friend, you know first-hand that probate is the legal process of settling an estate, and can be painfully slow.  During the pandemic, this painful process slowed to new lows. 

During the pandemic, for public safety reasons, courts across the country and around the world have either operated on limited hours with reduced staff or shut down completely. Things are starting to get better, and as the rest of society slowly reopens and the pandemic recedes and court systems reopen, it’s clear the effect on legal processes, like probate, will take longer to move at “pre-pandemic” speed. In fact, the probate process in the United States has gone from an average of 16 months to 24 months to complete.

The extended delays in closing estates and distributing inherited assets to beneficiaries—which was already a lengthy and frustrating experience for people counting on those inheritance funds—have caused many to look to firms providing inheritance advances. Although advances of this kind have been around for over a decade, it remains a relatively unknown option for beneficiaries who may need or want the cash sooner. While many need the cash to pay for various expenses there are those who simply don’t want the family drama which often goes along with the probate process. An inheritance advance, or what some call “probate cash” can provide inheritance advances to any beneficiary with a verifiable inheritance. The most appealing aspect of an inheritance advance is that it is not a loan, and thus does not require repayment. 

So, if you are stuck waiting for your inheritance to complete the lagging probate courts, an inheritance advance is an excellent option.

An inheritance advance from InheritNOW allows you to receive inheritance funds immediately. Simply by providing your name and a few details related to the estate, you could find out quickly what kind of an advance you could receive.  The best feature of an inheritance advance, sometimes called probate advance, is that it is not a loan. It is the purchase of an agreed-upon percentage of the money you expect to inherit, which means you receive the money that was meant for you; so you are not required to make any monthly payments or repay any of the amount of the advance you receive. InheritNOW assumes the risk and then waits for the estate’s probate to close, in the end, we are reimbursed directly from the estate only when probate is finally settled. So, you get your money now while we do all the waiting and risk-taking.

If you’re looking for inheritance funding, putting your inheritance money to work for you now, please give us a call or contact InhereitNOW here and we will evaluate your inheritance and make you an immediate inheritance cash advance offer.

We look forward to helping you inherit now.