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An inheritance advance is an immediate cash payment of a portion of your inheritance. It is not a loan—there’s nothing for you to repay. The process is fast and easy: We evaluate the details of your inheritance and offer you an advance. Accept, and get your money right away. We take the risk of waiting for probate and are compensated directly from the estate after probate finally closes. You get the benefit of putting that money to work for you now.

Why InheritNOW?


Thousands of people across US and Canada have received an Inheritance Advance from InheritNOW.


Our fees are not just fair, they are the often the lowest in the industry.


InheritNOW is backed by a national firm with decades of proven success and customer satisfaction.


We take all the risk. You receive your money as agreed, and no matter what happens, or how long the probate process takes, that advanced money is yours.


We use the most advanced encryption and security technology to ensure your information is kept confidential. It’s our top priority.

No Credit Check

The advance is based on the details of the estate in probate, not on your credit—so no credit check is required.

How our inheritance advances made a difference for our clients.