Probate in Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia probate is handled by the Probate Court. The Probate Court provides for the protection of heirs, legatees, and estate creditors. It provides a forum for adjudication without monetary limits.

It also holds the authority for the appointment of executors, administrators, appraisers, and guardians in relation to all estate matters within its jurisdiction.

The Probate Court has the supervisory authority for the proper management and distribution of estate assets, the approval of legal fees, and the setting of executors’/administrators’ commissions and expenses. 

Grand of Probate

A Grant of Probate is the document issued by the Probate Court of Nova Scotia, which certifies that the will was properly proved to be the last will of the deceased and registered in the Court. The Grant signifies that the Court properly granted administration of the testator’s property to the executor(s) named in the will. The Grant of Probate applies to all property, including all land, money, and other things owned by the deceased, located anywhere in the province. The executor takes his or her authority to deal with the estate from the will. The Grant of Probate is evidence of the executor’s authority.

The purpose of probate is to render the will usable by:

Nova Scotia probate can involve many delays, which can prevent you from receiving your money and putting it to work for you. Even if probate is not complete you may be able to get an advance of your inheritance.

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