Probate in South Carolina

As a Southerner who is will inherit soon from someone who has passed, you will want to receive your inheritance money as fast as possible. But in the United States, the legal process that delivers you that money can take 17 months or more. An inheritance advance can get your inheritance money into your hands much faster–in just a couple of days in most cases.

South Carolina Probate Process

South Carolina Probate is the legal court process of settling the estate of the deceased. Probating a decedent’s estate involves several steps to ensure that the decedent’s wishes are carried out and the title of the property passes to the intended heirs. First, it is important to determine if court action is required. Formal or informal action is required when the decedent owns individually-held property without a beneficiary designation that exceeds a certain dollar amount, currently $25,000.00 or real estate. (For estates below that amount without real property, a simplified estate administration process can be completed).

Complete information on probate in South Carolina can be found here.

The probate process in South Carolina can be complex and can take months or even years to complete. You can get your inheritance faster, however, through the inheritance advance process.

How Can You Get Access to Inheritance Money in South Carolina Quickly?

There are ways to get your inheritance money faster in South Carolina—even before probate is finished.

A fast and secure way to get your inheritance in South Carolina is through a probate advance. InheritNOW specializes in this service. Here’s how the process works: First, our experts evaluate the details of your inheritance and then offer you an advance. It’s important to remember that an inheritance advance is not a loan

There is nothing for you to repay, and there will be no credit check. If you accept the offer, you will receive your inheritance money with no delay, usually within a couple days. We take the risk of waiting for probate to complete and are then compensated directly by the estate as agreed. The process is easy and stress free. You receive your money quickly, and we take all the risk.

Where in South Carolina Can You Get a Probate Advance?

InheritNOW can provide you an inheritance advance in any county in South Carolina:

  • Abbeville County
  • Aiken County
  • Allendale County
  • Anderson County
  • Bamberg County
  • Barnwell County
  • Beaufort County
  • Berkeley County
  • Calhoun County
  • Charleston County
  • Cherokee County
  • Chester County
  • Chesterfield County
  • Clarendon County
  • Colleton County
  • Darlington County
  • Dillon County
  • Dorchester County
  • Edgefield County
  • Fairfield County
  • Florence County
  • Georgetown County
  • Greenville County
  • Greenwood County
  • Hampton County
  • Horry County
  • Jasper County
  • Kershaw County
  • Lancaster County
  • Laurens County
  • Lee County
  • Lexington County
  • Marion County
  • Marlboro County
  • McCormick County
  • Newberry County
  • Oconee County
  • Orangeburg County
  • Pickens County
  • Richland County
  • Saluda County
  • Spartanburg County
  • Sumter County
  • Union County
  • Williamsburg County

Advantages of a South Carolina Inheritance Advance

As a firm specializing in cash advances for inheritance beneficiaries, InheritNOW is able to get your money to you within a couple of days. This gives you several benefits:

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