Probate in Prince Edward Island

Probate is a court process by which a will is proven to be the last will and testament of the deceased. If the will is to be probated, it is the executor’s job to do so. Many executors have a lawyer complete the task of obtaining probate. In PEI, you apply to the Estates Section of the Supreme Court in Charlottetown for “Letters Probate”, which confirms your right to handle the estate of the deceased person. 

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A will must be probated first in the province where the deceased person is domiciled. “Domiciled” is a legal term that means lived in a place with the intention to have that location be home. Some form of probate process must also take place in all out-of-province locations where real property is owned. If the executor and the person who made the will were both residents of Prince Edward Island, the executor must apply for probate within 30 days of being notified that he or she is executor. Out-of-province executors must apply for probate within 3 months of being notified.

Prince Edward Island probate can involve many delays, which can prevent you from receiving your money and putting it to work for you. Even if probate is not complete you may be able to get an advance of your inheritance.

How Can You Get Access to Inheritance Money in Prince Edward Island Quickly?

There are methods available to expedite the disbursement of your inheritance funds, even before the completion of probate.

In Prince Edward Island, you have the option of a probate advance, which offers a fast and secure means of accessing your inheritance. InheritNOW specializes in providing advancements for inheritances. Initially, our team of experts carefully assesses the specific details of your inheritance and subsequently extends an advance to you. It is crucial to remember that an inheritance advance should not be considered a loan; rather, it allows for the expedited delivery of your own funds. No credit check is required, and there are no obligations for repayment. Upon accepting our offer, you will promptly receive your inheritance funds without any delay. We assume the risk associated with waiting for probate to conclude and are then compensated directly from the estate based on our agreed terms. The process is designed to be simple and stress-free for you. You receive your funds swiftly, while we bear all the associated risks.

Advantages of a Prince Edward Island Inheritance Advance

We specialize in cash advances for inheritance beneficiaries, so we can get you your money to you fast. This gives you a range of benefits:

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