Probate in British Columbia

Probate is a process that verifies a will is real under B.C. laws. Whether a will needs to be probated or not depends on the agencies and financial institutions that hold assets within an estate – they may require that a will is probated before the assets are distributed or accessed by anyone. Probate is the procedure for:

Probate is the Court process that gives the executor the authority to act on behalf of the deceased.

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Probate Process

When someone dies and leaves an inheritance, beneficiaries must go through B.C. probate by the Superior Court or by notary. The probate process in British Columbia can be complicated and can take months or even years to complete. B.C. probate can involve many delays which can prevent you from receiving your money and putting it to work for you. Even if probate is not complete you may be able to get an advance of your inheritance.

How Can You Get Access to Inheritance Money in B.C. Quickly?

There are methods available to expedite the disbursement of your inheritance funds, even prior to the completion of probate.

By opting for a probate advancement, you can securely and swiftly access your inheritance in the province of British Columbia. InheritNOW specializes in providing advancements for inheritances. Initially, our team of professionals evaluates the specific details of your inheritance and subsequently extends an advancement to you. It is crucial to keep in mind that an inheritance advancement should not be regarded as a loan; instead, it allows for the expedited delivery of your own funds. No credit check is necessary, and there are no obligations for repayment. Upon accepting our proposition, you can expect to receive your inheritance funds promptly, typically within a period of two days. We assume the risk associated with waiting for probate to conclude and are then compensated directly from the estate based on our agreed terms. The process is designed to be easy and stress-free for you. You will receive your funds swiftly while we assume all associated risks.

Advantages of a
B.C. Inheritance Advance

We are able to get your money to you within a couple of days since we specialize in cash advances for inheritance beneficiaries. Benefits to you:

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