Probate in New Brunswick

Probate is the process put in place to validate a will as the last will and testament of a deceased person and to confirm the authority of the individual named as the executor of the will. The executor is the person who is responsible for managing and distributing an estate.

In New Brunswick, the Probate Court has the power to grant Letters Probate, to recall or revoke Letters Probate and to supervise the administration and distribution of estates. Although distinct from the Court of Queen’s Bench, the Probate Court is presided over by a Court of Queen’s Bench judge. Every judge of the Court of Queen’s Bench has jurisdiction over probate matters. In addition, the Probate Court possesses the same powers to enforce judgments as the Court of Queen’s Bench and may issue the same orders and processes as are issued out of the Court of the Queen’s Bench.

New Brunswick probate can involve many delays which can prevent you from receiving your money and putting it to work for you. Even if probate is not complete you may be able to get an advance of your inheritance.

How Can You Get Access to Inheritance Money in New Brunswick Quickly?

There are ways to get your inheritance money faster—even before probate is finished.

A probate advance is a fast and secure way to get your inheritance in New Brunswick. InheritNOW specializes in inheritance advances.  First, our experts evaluate the details of your inheritance and then offer you an advance. It’s important to remember that an inheritance advance is not a loan—it is your money delivered much sooner. No credit check required, and there is nothing for you to repay. If you accept our offer, you will receive your inheritance funds without delay, usually within two days. We take the risk of waiting for probate to close and are then compensated directly from the estate as agreed. The process for you is both easy and without stress. You get your money fast, and we take all the risk.

Advantages of a New Brunswick
Inheritance Advance

As a firm specializing in cash advances for inheritance beneficiaries, we are able to get your money to you within a couple of days. This gives you a range of benefits:

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