Frequently Asked Questions

An inheritance advance allows beneficiaries to receive inheritance funds immediately when the estate opens rather than waiting for the probate process to close, which could take many months or even years. An InheritNOW inheritance advance is not a loan— It is the purchase of an agreed-upon percentage of the money you already expect to inherit and allows you to receive this money immediately. You are not required to make any monthly payments or repay any of the amount of the advance you receive. Repayment of the money advances to you is made to InheritNOW directly from the estate when it eventually closes. InheritNOW assumes the risks related to how long the process takes and how much your actual inheritance is.

Anyone entitled to inherit assets from an estate may qualify for an inheritance advance. If you aren’t sure how much you will receive, we can help you evaluate your inheritance.  

Rest assured, an inheritance advance for one beneficiary does not affect the inheritance of any other. In fact, it’s not uncommon for more than one beneficiary to receive an inheritance advance.

It is possible to get an inheritance advance even if there is no will. The rule that applies when there’s no will is called intestacy. The intestacy process is different depending upon where you live and where the decedent lived when he or she passed away. These rules determine how an estate is divided between the heirs. If you are an heir to an inheritance and there is no will, InheritNOW can help you determine if you’re eligible for an advance at no cost to you.

An InheritNOW Advance is not a loan. You are not required to make any monthly payments or repay any amount of the advance you receive. It is simply an advance to you of part of your inheritance. Repayment is made to InheritNOW directly from the estate.

We enter into a contract with you based on what we establish your inheritance will be. Once we make an advance that money is yours. Any future changes to distribution of the estate will not affect you. This is a risk that we take.

Yes. Any beneficiary, including executors, could receive an inheritance advance.

We are typically able to get your inheritance advance to you in 1 to 2 days, sometimes even within as little as 8 hours. We’re able to give you a more accurate estimate after a quick review of the details of your inheritance.

No, there is no cost to apply or to consult with us regarding your inheritance advance.

We give you your advance as soon as possible. Then we wait for the estate to close (the end of the probate process). At that time, we are paid from the proceeds of the estate based on our agreement.

Don’t worry, this is a risk that we take. We enter into an agreement with you on the amount we advance to you based on our evaluation of your inheritance. If the actual inheritance at the end of probate is less than what we projected, we take the loss. You will not owe us any money.

Any cash we have advanced to you on your inheritance is not affected by a probate delay. We understand the length of time it often takes to close probate and we wait as long as necessary.

We do not check your credit history. So, your rating, good or bad, has no bearing on our inheritance advance agreement. We only consider the assets of the estate, your inheritance, and your legal standing as a beneficiary to the estate.

An inheritance advance does not cost you anything out of pocket. Our fees, which are the lowest in the industry, are paid directly from the estate after probate is closed. They are calculated as a percentage of the total advance amount and will vary based on the details of each estate.

Young woman in blue looking forward to an inheritance advance.