Can I get Another Inheritance Advance?

Thousands of people have used inheritance advances to get the money they need faster—without having to wait for the lengthy probate process to complete. Maybe you are one of them. Some have found their advance to be so helpful, and the process to be so easy, that they are interested in getting another inheritance advance. But is that possible? Can the same person get more than one advance on the same inheritance? The answer is yes. Not only is it possible, but many people do it.

If you found that you didn’t get enough money the first time, you can go back again and again to get what you need. InheritNOW will advance you up to a certain percentage of the value of your inheritance. Whether you take that full amount all at once, or in several smaller advances that add up to the same number, it doesn’t really matter. So, if you’d like an additional advance, just apply again through InheritNOW—since we have already verified your information, your second advance will come even faster.